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Consumer Directed Programs (CDPAP/CDPAS)

Under the Consumer Directed Program you always have the right to select and train your own caregiver, who may be a family member, friend, neighbor, or trusted companion, to deliver your care.   Bestcare can assist you with that as well as we are an approved Fiscal Intermediary under New York State’s Consumer Directed Program.

Under the Consumer Directed Program, you employ the Personal Assistant of your choice and you direct what type of care you need. You have the freedom and flexibility to use your approved hours for any schedule of service you require to meet your needs. Bestcare will handle the payroll to your Personal Assistant and the billing to your Managed Care Plan, leaving you free to direct the care you need from who you choose, when you choose.

If you are interested in having Bestcare as your CDPAP provider, please speak with your Managed Care Plan and make that request.

Click here to contact the service office located in your community to find out more about the Consumer Directed Program.