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Registered Nurses

Bestcare’s experienced Registered Nurses, who serve the community with the support and supervision of our corporate clinical staff, will provide you with all the professional level services you require. From performing your initial comprehensive assessment through on-going visits and overall clinical management of your home care, you will feel secure in the knowledge that your nurse knows you and your individual needs. Additionally, your nurse will communicate with your doctor and other care providers to ensure that your individual care goals are being met as well as assist you in locating any additional community services that may be of benefit to you. Most important, your nurse is always available to speak with you to address all of your questions and concerns.

Bestcare’s corporate clinical staff members are constantly working to ensure Bestcare is compliant with all New York State Department of Health regulations, assessing the quality of the care that we provide, and ensuring that Bestcare is developing new and cutting-edge care delivery models. The support that comes from Bestcare’s team of corporate nurses strengthens and enhances the care you receive in your home.

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